Personal Service - Tailored to the Individual

When you have questions on how and where to invest (and who doesn't?), you need an expert who can explain how you personally should proceed. Whether you are starting from scratch, or looking for a better way to manage your financial assets, PCA can step in and help you manage the different aspects of your financial life right away. We coordinate accounts and details with your current advisors: accountants, attorneys, insurance brokers, and banks. This ensures that all efforts on your behalf are streamlined to keep you moving in the right direction. Our goal is to provide solutions to problems and ease concerns about your financial future, in a relationship based on trust and integrity.

Unbiased Advice - the Value of Independence

As an independent advisor, PCA provides objective financial advice based on our considerable experience and research. As a "fee-only" advisor, we neither receive commissions from other financial institutions, nor do we sell special products. Our sole source of revenue comes directly from our clients, thus eliminating the conflict of interest inherent in a transaction based relationship.

Understanding Fund Management

We hand pick the fund managers that we choose for our client portfolios, using detailed research and specific criteria for each account. PCA-selected fund managers are mature, experienced, and chosen for their integrity as well as their long term performance. R. Allen Purkiss routinely meets with these managers.


The Depth and Quality of Experience at Purkiss Capital Advisors

R. Allen Purkiss, founder and principal of PCA, has over 20 years experience in the financial markets both here and abroad. After starting his career as a Financial Consultant with Merrill Lynch & Co, he went on to become Director of Fixed Income Sales at a leading Spanish brokerage firm in Madrid, Spain. His career in investment banking culminated in his appointment as Head of Non-Dollar Fixed Income Sales for a leading British bank in New York. He is a Certified Financial Plannerô practitioner who brings to his firm many years of experience and a strong knowledge and understanding of financial markets and solution-driven account relationships.